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Please email with your meal requesting your substitution request.
Please state which meal you would like to substitute, and with which substitution menu item.

Substitution meal selections must be made before your subscription renews weekly. Please submit requests for substitution by 11:59pm Thursday evenings, for the following Sunday's delivery.

Weekly Substitution options
Baked Ziti
Ziti, 10hr marinara, fine italian cheeses
Cucumber salad, tahini yogurt, garlic & herb pita
Rotisserie Chicken
Whole rotisserie chicken, herbed fingerling potatoes, seasonal veg.
Mojo Pork
Cilantro rice, sofrito black beans, maduros

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Supper Club is offering a special chef curated package for this year's March of Dimes - delivered right to your doorstep!

This year’s March of Dimes Feeding Motherhood/Signature Chefs Auction is being converted into a virtual fundraising event and concert, which will include all the fundraising elements of our traditional fall special event, but we are also adding a 30-minute Concert for Preemies featuring Jariah Higgins! Supper Club the “Official Food Sponsor” for this year’s event is providing all March of Dimes supporters who order food through this website a 10% Discount off of their order and that 10% discounted amount will be converted into a monetary Donation directly to the March of Dimes by Supper Club.

Enter the special Discount code "MOD" to purchase your food for your event watch party while automatically generating a Donation on your behalf from Supper Club!

Remember to have a special evening with your family and friends by watching the concert fundraiser from the comfort of your homes on November 19, 2020 from 7:00 – 7:45 pm. Add to that enjoyment by having Supper Club’s awesome food delivered to you and yours, while having a fun night and helping to raise some much needed funds for the March of Dimes premature babies, moms, and their families!

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Dinner Package

Charcuterie board

market vegetables, three artisan meats & cheeses, dried fruit, honeycomb, assorted crackers & housemade bread.

vintner salad | mixed greens, herbs, roasted grapes, merlot soaked bellavitano, honey balsamic

Teriyaki chicken | ginger & sake infused teriyaki chicken, basil fried rice, stir fry, egg rolls

Cassoulet | jerked pork, root vegetables, lentils, smoked paprika, baguette

White macadamia nut bake-at-home cookies

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