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Please email with your meal requesting your substitution request.
Please state which meal you would like to substitute, and with which substitution menu item.

Substitution meal selections must be made before your subscription renews weekly. Please submit requests for substitution by 11:59pm Thursday evenings, for the following Sunday's delivery.

Weekly Substitution options
Baked Ziti
Ziti, 10hr marinara, fine italian cheeses
Cucumber salad, tahini yogurt, garlic & herb pita
Rotisserie Chicken
Whole rotisserie chicken, herbed fingerling potatoes, seasonal veg.
Mojo Pork
Cilantro rice, sofrito black beans, maduros

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Totally Prepared and Healthy

"It is so nice to have dinner almost totally prepared each night, and it’s healthy!"

- Clara L.


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The more frequent the deliveries, the better the price. Cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

One Time
Small Package: $195
Large Package: $255
Small Family Package

3.5 Servings

Oven-Ready Meals Per Week

Our small family package meals are perfect for families of three adult eaters, or two adult and two small children.

2-3 people
4 meals



Per Serving
Large Family Package

7 Servings

Oven-Ready Meals Per Week

Our large family package offers twice the amount for large families of 6-8! More food, at a discounted price, win-win.

6-8 people
4 meals



Per Serving

Chef’s Crafted Meals

Next delivery:


angus ground beef,  stewed tomatoes, chopped green olives, saffron rice, fried plantains

pork belly “burnt” ends
oak-smoked, signature bbq sauce, molasses fried brussel sprouts, double mustard potato salad
roaster pepper risotto

crispy skin chicken thighs, sautéed eggplant, roma tomatoes, garlic confit, torn basil

flank steak
garlic & pepper rubbed steak, red curry mashed potatoes, herb-roasted carrots, au jus
shaved onions, grana padano, honey vinaigrette

crumbled goat cheese, crushed walnuts, bacon, dijon vinaigrette

strawberry shortcake cookie dough
albacore tuna, melted leeks, fancy mushrooms, spinach, curly egg noodles
pork loin
herb rubbed and seared boneless pork loin, roasted tomato and rosemary demi, canary beans, roasted broccoli, quinoa
braised short rib, 10 hour stewed tomatoes, sweet cream, fresh basil, aged parmesan, sea salt zucchini with butter crumbs
ginger and sake infused chicken, basil and coriander rice, chinese long beans and shiitake mushrooms
strawberries, smoked bacon, candied pecans, orange vinaigrette
french beans, chopped olives, boiled egg, grape tomatoes, cucumber, red onion, fine olive oil
Key lime ricotta cookie dough
pork rib
jerked baby back ribs, rhum glaze boniato potato and plantain mash, sauteed brussels sprouts petals
tuscan NY strip
reverse-seared and sous vide steak, rosemary and lemon rub, roasted baby potatoes, charred rapini
peruvian chicken
whole roasted boneless chicken, cilantro rice, roasted peppers, fried yucca, green sauce
herb-rubbed and slow-roasted chicken, toasted black pepper, green peas, parmesan cream sauce, linguine
farmer's salad
fennel, celery, radish, feta cheese, lemon vinaigrette
spinach salad
blueberries, crumbled goat cheese, candied nuts, balsamic vinaigrette
homemade peanut butter pie

Hand Crafted Kits & Groceries $125 minimum order total for grocery items without meal package purchase

Falafel Kit | 4 servings
Falafel, tomato confit, cucumber and tahini yogurt, garlic and herb pita
+ Add to box
1 in the box
Street Taco Kit for 4

Proteins | green chili chicken + pork al pastor

Fixings | sofrito black beans, roasted corn, salsa, diced onion, cilantro, hot sauce, limes, corn + flour tortillas (GF without flour tortillas)

+ Add to box
1 in the box
Charcuterie Kit

Artisan charcuterie and cheeses sourced from the finest purveyors.

Includes | two 4-ounce portions of cheese, two 4-ounce portionsof cured meats, seeded crackers, seasonal jam, pickles

+ Add to box
1 in the box
Chicken Meatballs

Meditereanean spiced, all natural chicken meatballs. Keep in the refrigerator or freezer for a quick protein boost or kids meal throughout the week.

+ Add to box
1 in the box
1/2 Rotisserie Chicken

Organic birds spit roasted over natural wood charcoal

+ Add to box
1 in the box
Mushroom Ramen

roasted mushroom broth, shiitake, kikurage, scallion, wakame, black truffle butter.  (vegan without truffle butter)

+ Add to box
1 in the box

chicken broth, grilled pork belly, soy egg, bamboo, scallion, nori

+ Add to box
1 in the box
pork broth, grilled pork belly, bamboo, scallion, soy egg, pickled ginger
(contains shellfish)
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1 in the box
Frozen Pizza | Cheese

Detroit-Style | Personal-sized | Kid-friendly

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1 in the box
Frozen Pizza | Pepperoni

Detroit-Style | Personal-sized | Kid-friendly

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1 in the box

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