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Please email with your meal requesting your substitution request.
Please state which meal you would like to substitute, and with which substitution menu item.

Substitution meal selections must be made before your subscription renews weekly. Please submit requests for substitution by 11:59pm Thursday evenings, for the following Sunday's delivery.

Weekly Substitution options
Baked Ziti
Ziti, 10hr marinara, fine italian cheeses
Cucumber salad, tahini yogurt, garlic & herb pita
Rotisserie Chicken
Whole rotisserie chicken, herbed fingerling potatoes, seasonal veg.
Mojo Pork
Cilantro rice, sofrito black beans, maduros

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Fixings Package

Fixings Package

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All sides are fully-cooked and ready for the oven. Just warm the gravy and transfer the cranberry sauce to your favorite serving dish. It's that easy. (feeds 6 people)

green bean casserole | fresh green beans, wild mushroom cream sauce, house-made fried onions 

potato gratin | yukon gold potatoes, gruyere cheese sauce, fine herbs 

herb dressing | cuban bread, brown butter, onions, celery, sage, rosemary, thyme

fall salad | shaved brussels sprouts, crisp apple, parmesan, dried cranberries, dijon dressing

accoutrements | cranberry orange sauce & turkey sage gravy

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